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We are V Create, one of the leading architecture and interior designing company based in Coimbatore, India.


Our story begins in 2010. Newly founded back then, we served our clients with interior designing  and execution alone. We have since grown into an architecture  company of around 50 professionals, with nationalised designing studio.

Metal Stairs on Wooden Facade



Trends Change, People change but, some things don’t change forever. We are led by the ethics and knowledge of our director

Mr. Raaj Sarath., who is very passionate and experienced  in the field of interior design and architecture. 

Interior Design

Our mission is to create meaningful spaces that

enhance people's lives.


V Create


(We) V Create our projects through the collective intelligence of our dedicated team, plus our in-depth research into the historical and future context. We love to be close to our clients, thinking along with them so that we can embrace their social, economic and sustainability goals. Our multi-disciplinary team and collaborative ethos allow us to take full responsibility for any project, from sketch to construction.

We pride ourselves on the sensorial richness of our work, which results from our constant search for the sweet spot between constraints and possibilities. This process enables us to make conscious design decisions that enhance the subconscious design experience. Our approach to function is based on our belief that every inch in and around a building should enrich the overall sensation it creates. This is how we intertwine context, aesthetics and function. The outcome is the serene clarity that people sense in all our projects.

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